CineForm has become the industry leader in end-to-end compression-based workflows, from camera, through post-production, and into mezzanine or long-term archive. Compression has become critical for emerging workflows, but compression cannot be considered in isolation to the overall workflow goal. It is in this area that CineForm differentiates itself from other solutions. CineForm software provides editorial workflow solutions optimized for use with industry-standard tools, with real-time engines, Active Metadata, and conversion utilities, all used together to improve the visual fidelity of your projects and reduce your time spent in post.


CineForm's workflow starts with the industry's best compression, offering :

  • Full-frame (no blocks) Wavelet compression for highest image integrity
  • Unrestricted spatial resolution (4K and beyond)
  • Up to 12-bit arithmetic precision
  • RGBA, RGB, YUV, and RAW chroma formats
  • Standard wrapper interfaces including AVI and MOV for broadest compatibility

CineForm products enable workflow efficiency from camera, through post-production, and into mezzanine or long-term archive.

  • Cross-platform (Windows / Mac) workflows and file compatibility for mixed post environments
  • Compatibility with most AVI or MOV compatible applications including Final Cut Pro, Premiere Pro, After Effects, etc.
  • Visual quality equivalent to uncompressed workflows but with much lower cost
  • Performance-optimized compression eliminates need for specialized hardware
  • Support for ProRes, DNxHD, DPX, uncompressed, and virtually all RAW formats
  • Workflow enhancements include:
    • Source format normalization to a common intermediate from virtually all camera or souce files
    • Batch pre-processing during format conversion
    • Real-time renderless color workflow using Active Metadata
    • Stereo (3D) workflow compatible with most industry applications