About Us

At CineForm we strive to offer products with innovative digital workflow features that enhance the process of making movie and television content. The result of our efforts is that CineForm products are used by the biggest film studios, post production facilities, and archive centers in the world. Our start in 2001 began by delivering the first affordable HD editorial products for independent filmmakers and enthusiasts, a market we continue to lead today.

But leadership isn’t just about making declarations, it’s about demonstrated success:

In 2003 CineForm shipped the industry’s first product supporting HDV editing - Aspect HD - in support of JVC’s original HD10U HDV camcorder. In fact, Aspect HD was the only HDV editing product for about a year.

In 2004 CineForm’s Prospect HD became the first 10-bit online compression product used on a theatrically released feature film that was printed back to 35mm from the compressed source - Dana Brown’s Dust To Glory..

In 2006 CineForm shipped the first Raw compression format for single-sensor Raw cameras - CineForm RAW - on which patents are pending..

Also in 2006, Microsoft selected CineForm compression as the mezzanine format for its long-term archive for all Xbox Live television and movie content. Today Microsoft has >2000 Terabytes of spinning storage for CineForm files that serve its Xbox Live distribution infrastructure..

In 2007 CineForm introduced the first 12-bit RGB compression format - CineForm 444 - compatible on both Windows and Mac, and with measured peak signal-to-noise-ratio (PSNR) performance that exceeds the respected HDCAM SR tape format which became a mainstay in high-end feature film and post production..

In 2008 CineForm introduced Prospect 4K and Neo 4K for Windows and Mac - the first online 4K editorial products that eliminated the need for project conforming..

In 2009 the runaway Oscar winner Slumdog Millionaire became the first digitally acquired film to win Best Picture and Best Cinematography. Approximately 70% of the images in Slumdog Millionaire were acquired with the Silicon Imaging SI-2K camera which records directly to CineForm RAW compression..

Also in 2009 CineForm began shipping its Neo3D software which allows full-featured 3D editing that is compatible with many 2D-only NLEs such as Adobe Premiere Pro and Apple Final Cut Pro. Neo3D won three Best of Show awards at NAB 2009, followed by another two Best of Show awards at NAB 2010..

2010 proved to be another great year for CineForm as 3D became a "hot" industry topic. The 3D film Phish 3D became the first end-to-end Neo3D project from acquisition, into editorial with Final Cut Pro, and recorded back to film for distribution, all using CineForm stereo files. By mid-year numerous 3D television and feature film projects are underway using Neo3D..

By midyear 2010 Neo3D became compatible with Media Composer v5, bringing 3D editing compatibility to all major NLE platforms: Adobe, Apple, Avid, and Sony..

Then, in 2011, CineForm was acquired by GoPro.